Technology is transforming the way the things are produced. There is a continuous thrust for better products delivered faster. Pandemic situations have drastically advanced these dynamics, demanding lesser manual intervention, more insights about physical systems, real time tracking and remote monitoring i.e. Intelligize the Making. The vision can be realized by developing comprehensive Digital Twins.

Developing high fidelity Digital Twin requires integration of different techniques, data & domain knowledge via technology i.e.

  • Design & systems simulation using  physics based models
  • Data from different sources, data science & ML models
  • IIOT for real time data
  • Cloud as enabler for seamless enterprise wide access across the functions and users

Digital Twins have evolved over the years from 2D drawings, 3D CAD models, correlations, equations based 1D models, engineering simulation based models, data based models where data is collected from field and business. Today, Digital Twin is built using all of these to achieve high fidelity and actionable insights.

Intelimek Systems brings in its 25 + years of experience and expertise in developing unique solutions in various forms of Digital Twin.